Converted a King to a Queen

We have a Queen sized bed but are open to a King at some point in the near future. We also found a Pottery Barn duvet cover that we really liked, but it wasn't for sale at PB any longer. On eBay, only the King kept showing up for sale. So..... I bought the King and planned to cut off 1.5 feet to convert it to a Queen.

But then, my lovely wife figured out that we could turn the duvet cover inside out, sew up a new seam 20 inches from the edge (to make it Queen width) and then we we turned it back right side out, the extra cloth would be hidden on the inside and if we switch to a King in a year or two, we just need to rip out the simple stitch and presto!

No photos, the photo below shows the fabric though. You can't tell that this wasn't always a Queen duvet cover.

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