Bike mount

The bike mount is a Home Depot hack. Each bracket was about $3. So $6 later plus 4 wall stud molly type bolts and instant bike rack.

My New Desk

So, the desk in our bedroom has been used more as a place to put stuff we don't want to put away than as a place to study. This makes using it even more difficult because I have to clean it off whenever I want to use it.

I didnt want to show this photo, but here is the desk just before I began this project.

I wanted to build a drop leaf desk that would fold out of the way when not in use, so as to assist us in not accumulating a mess. Ikea has a a drop leaf table called the Norbo that I basically copied.

The table top is from the Ikea "as-is" section and was a cabinet door at one point and it cost $2. The bracket is a wooden shelf bracket from Ikea ($7) and then the wood and hinges are from Home Depot that I painted white ($11).

The desk chair folds up and hangs on the back of the bedroom door.

It works really well, folds out of the way when not in use and isnt a place for us to put stuff.

Total cost was $20! Bonus is that it matches my Macbook.