Bathroom Cabinet

So, most of our bathroom is black and white. The sink cabinet, however, is not; its just ugly. We decided that it would look cool and be fairly easy to paint the cabinet to allow it to blend in well with the rest of the room. Additionally, we are planning on making black and white a "theme" of our bathroom with matching towels and shower curtain.

The process was pretty easy, just took off the door, sanded it down, masked off the area and then put a layer of white primer on. The finish "white" color was a custom mix at Home Depot. We didnt want it to be actually white, because the tiles are actually cream as is the dingy linoleum. So this is called "Marble Falls" by Glidden.

Then, I went back with a small brush and applied the black to the front faces. Finished off with some new chrome and white hardware, as well as new white hinges and we think it looks mighty nice.

Total cost was about $30 and one afternoon.

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