DIY Tailoring

"I don't wanna be a pirate"

Finding shirts that fit me both in long arms and narrow torso is pretty difficult. Usually, off the rack shirts are puffy and look terrible on me.

Some companies make "fitted" shirts. Sometimes this is fitted enough and sometimes it is not. Today, I looked up online how to take in a dress shirt and tried it out. I'm very happy with the results. Check out the before and after...


I did not stuff the shirt with newspaper or anything else to make it look extra puffy.


note: the pants are different, the pants in the before pic I bought from J Crew for $60, the pants in the after pic are Dockers that I got for $6.99 at the Thrift Store.

Short video on how to do this:

Got rid of some stuff

I've had 2 bikes in the living room for too long, and just sold them on eBay. Cha-ching!

$500 plus more room to live in!

Stainless Steel Straws in action

Made these drinks for a cocktail hour yesterday, and my new straws worked and looked awesome, especially for Mojitos------no crushed mint leaves in your mouth.

Our bedroom (in progress)

So here is a shot of our bedroom in progress. The side tables, I got at a furniture auction about 5 years ago. They had longer legs on them, see the before and after, then repainted them black and added new knobs to them.


shorter legs

Made some pillows

I have this week off, so I had time to do another project. We are decorating our bedroom and following a photo of a bedroom we liked on Flickr. The bedroom has blue and white pillows with a monogram on them. After searching a few stores we couldn't find them, so I made them! From scratch!

I started the embroidery of the R and Rachel finished it, then she did the J all by herself.

I snapped some photos during the process of making the pillow today. It's not retail quality, but its pretty good, you'd have to get pretty close to see my mistakes.

I had to make the monogram patch double layered so that the blue wouldn't show through. And the back of the pillow is an envelope closure. All in all, pretty simple, just took a few hours.

Converted a King to a Queen

We have a Queen sized bed but are open to a King at some point in the near future. We also found a Pottery Barn duvet cover that we really liked, but it wasn't for sale at PB any longer. On eBay, only the King kept showing up for sale. So..... I bought the King and planned to cut off 1.5 feet to convert it to a Queen.

But then, my lovely wife figured out that we could turn the duvet cover inside out, sew up a new seam 20 inches from the edge (to make it Queen width) and then we we turned it back right side out, the extra cloth would be hidden on the inside and if we switch to a King in a year or two, we just need to rip out the simple stitch and presto!

No photos, the photo below shows the fabric though. You can't tell that this wasn't always a Queen duvet cover.

Bathroom Cabinet

So, most of our bathroom is black and white. The sink cabinet, however, is not; its just ugly. We decided that it would look cool and be fairly easy to paint the cabinet to allow it to blend in well with the rest of the room. Additionally, we are planning on making black and white a "theme" of our bathroom with matching towels and shower curtain.

The process was pretty easy, just took off the door, sanded it down, masked off the area and then put a layer of white primer on. The finish "white" color was a custom mix at Home Depot. We didnt want it to be actually white, because the tiles are actually cream as is the dingy linoleum. So this is called "Marble Falls" by Glidden.

Then, I went back with a small brush and applied the black to the front faces. Finished off with some new chrome and white hardware, as well as new white hinges and we think it looks mighty nice.

Total cost was about $30 and one afternoon.