Trunk coffee table update

Began stripping the layers of paint off of the trunk today after work. Man, this is a bitch of a job. I wanna dunk it in a vat of Jasco, let it sit there for like 2 weeks and see whats left .

I'm just telling myself that it will look really really cool when I'm all done.

ikea ps cabinet

Picked up the IKEA PS cabinet in white this week for $31 on CL. Retail is $99. Its in perfect condition too.

Funny thing is, its more cream colored than I thought it'd be. But it looks great. Were thinking of using it as a tv cabinet.

Coffee table trunk

So, we needed a new coffee table. At first we were going to go for the Lack, but then we saw this. The storage would be really cool in our apartment, thinking about putting board games and maybe a throw inside of it.

The guy was asking $50, but I got it for $40. It needed some structural work done on it. The joints were pretty loose, it was put together with finishing nails and theyve started to back out. So I am going to screw the pieces back together.

Here are the before pictures: